The energy of mindfulness is the energy of being present. Body and mind united. When we practice mindfulness meditation, we generate the energy of love and happiness. When we live mindfully, we become free of the past, free of the future and available to enjoy the present.

Mindfulness is not hard work. It’s very gentle and relaxing. One part of practicing mindfulness meditation is to concentrate on the freshness of the flower. Freshness is one of the conditions of happiness. To practice a flower mindfulness meditation is to have a more concrete awareness of what freshness is.

On being a flower: Flower is a garden of humanity. When we are truly present, we feel fresh. A flower represents freshness. The flower is within us because we have the capacity to being fresh. We are beautiful every time we restore our flowerness. You can practice saying: 

Breathing in,     I see myself as a flower

Breathing out,  I feel fresh

In, flower

Out, fresh 

You can image that when you are in a sitting position, you sit as though your cushion is a lotus blossom. When you greet someone, you can greet them with your eyes, as if you are greeting them with two flowers. If you greet them with your smile, that could be another flower.

I invite you to  reflect on what makes you feel like a flower, fresh and energetic  (maybe when you go swimming, or take a shower, or wake up from a nap, or go for a bike ride). 

You may finish the sentence and draw a picture of the flower below:

I feel fresh, energetic, joyful and playful when……