Mindfulness Meditation – Solid as a Mountain 

The energy of mindfulness can be very healing. When we practice simple mindfulness meditation, we experience feeling calm and content with whatever is going on in our lives. When we put our attention to the present moment, we no longer feel anxiety about the challenges we face. 

There are many ways to practice mindful living and to release the negative habits. In just a few moments we can feel the joy and happiness. When we are mindful, we look around and see how beautiful life is. We see the trees, the mountains, the sky. This is very reenergizing and refreshing. 

On being a mountain:

Mountain represents solidity and stability. There is a mountain within ourselves. When we practice mindfulness, we develop the ability to feel solid and stable. Solidity and stability are very important for our happiness because we can  expand the mountain within us.

There is something solid about us, that is more than our emotions.  When we look at a tree, at the top we can see the small branches, and leaves – that is how our emotions are.  And yet we have a trunk that is stable, that is not our emotions. When we touch the mountain inside, we feel like nothing can break us, we come to our root as a solid mountain. We feel stable even in the middle of the storm. 

You can practice saying: 

Breathing in, I see myself as a mountain 

Breathing out, I feel solid

In, mountain

Out, solid 

I invite you to reflect on what makes you feel like a mountain, solid and stable like a tree trunk that can withstand any storm. You may finish the sentence and draw a picture of the mountain below:

I feel solid and stable when……