Mindfulness Meditation – Still as Water 

Resting and being still is a very important practice. Our body needs rest to restore itself. When we allow ourselves to be still and sit without any effort, we are being gentle with ourselves.

Our mind can be very busy sometimes. It also needs to rest. When our mind is calm and still, it will reflect what is really happening and what is going on inside of us and around us. Just like the lake, when it is still, it will reflect exactly what is around, the mountains, the trees, the clouds or the sky. 

This can bring a lot of relief and calming. Healing is not coming from outside. It can come from the inside. 

On being still water:

When we feel like still water, we can reflect what is, without distortion.  We allow ourselves to be calm and authentic. When the water is still, it reflects things just as they are. We can see stones or a reflection of the mountains in the water. When our mind is calm, we can see sadness or happiness as they truly are, just like the reflection of the mountain in the water. This is healing. 

You can practice saying: 

Breathing in, I see myself as water

Breathing out, I reflect everything that’s true and real

In, water

Out, reflect true and real 

You can image yourself being calm and clear. The energy of mindfulness can help you be fully present in every moment of your daily life. You can be fully there. This is one of the conditions of peace and happiness. Imagine coming back to your true self and feeling joy. 

I invite you to reflect on looking deeply into what’s going on in your mind and in your body right now. It requires concentration. This will give you insight to know what to do. It will help you produce your true presence. Notice your body, your feeling, anything around you…

You may finish the sentence and draw a picture of water below:

I feel calm, still, focused and authentic when……