I highly recommend attending Marlena’s “Overcoming Stress During the COVID-19 Crisis” online retreat. I learned many techniques to help deal with my stress and anxiety due to the ongoing pandemic. Thanks Marlena!


I think the idea of disassociating yourself from the stressor was good and am practicing that as well as doing my affirmation each morning or if something is looming that I am not looking forward to – like a meeting etc. I felt relaxed after the session.

LJ – New Zealand

After attending Marlena’s Overcoming Stress retreat I feel that this has helped me regain my balance and sense of self-awareness and certainly has strengthened my self-confidence. Marlena is warm, kind and instills a sense of peace with her gentle voice … This session with her has helped me gain an understanding of my obstacles and given me the tools through positive affirmations to break the negative thoughts and understand what is important for growth through self love and appreciation. Thank you Marlena for your gift of love and I am excited for the next session.

Rose - South Africa

It was fun..relaxing…there was a feeling of oneness with the universe. Much love Marlena for having the class..and being you ❤️🌹

Michelle - USA

I felt calmer and a deeper connection to my spiritual side! Thanks for a great session with da lovely ladies!

Debbie - Costa Rica

Marlena’s Retreat

Very relaxing and comforting.At first I was not so ready to be on camera to other new people, but the atmosphere created made me feel comfortable.

Timing-For me, it was a perfect as I needed to release stress  right on that day since it was quite a peek. 

Mentor-Marlena’s tone of voice is very gentle and comforting. I was firstly just so happy to see on the camera and hear.

Program-integrated physical and psychological exercise, hence it was holistic. Easy but effective, not too long and just right 🙂 I was very grateful 🙏

Miki - Japan

I felt really relaxed after the retreat and the next day too. It was a very positive experience and Marlena is so kind.

Joy - USA