Do you long to experience deep peace, relaxation, and transformation?

Imagine being surrounded by the rich sights and sounds of the lush tropical rainforest. Listen to the birds singing sweet songs to awaken you.

Feel the warm sun kissing your face. Smell the sweet scent of tropical blooms quietly wafting to you on the warm Caribbean breeze.  

The magical shores of Costa Rica are the perfect place to engage in the life-changing practice of mindfulness!

Imagine being surrounded by the rich sights and sounds of the lush tropical rainforest. Listen to the birds singing sweet songs to awaken you.

Feel the warm sun kissing your face. Smell the sweet scent of tropical blooms quietly wafting to you on the warm Caribbean breeze.  

Mindfulness is a Journey

29A346It’s a guide to your self-exploration and finding your peace. In this unique retreat, you will learn the concepts, practice the steps and apply them in your everyday life.

Each day you will be guided through the practice of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and exciting personal growth workshops. You will nourish all your senses every day and turn your attention to the wonders of nature.

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is designed for all the people who strive to experience a subtle transformation into living a life with enthusiasm and passion.

Those that harbor a desire to be around like-minded people whose personalities shine and inspire and whose hospitality welcomes and embraces.

Those that are looking for an experience that offers laughter and having fun together with others.

All people who want to feel optimistic about their life and eager to create healthier and happier relationships are welcome!

Do you want to join us on this remarkable journey filled with fun, laughter, and transformation?

There in no way to happiness, happiness is the way!

Thich Nhat Hanh


Casa Morpho

This mindfulness retreat is located just a few steps away from the breathtaking Caribbean beaches where you can dip in the deliciously warm waters or relax on the pleasant sands of the sea. You will have access to miles of beach for walking or jogging, jungle hiking trails, spa services and more. It’s a beautiful location right in the middle of the jungle and a few minutes away from the colorful town of Puerto Viejo.

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Casa Tucan

Peace Garden Bungalows are the tropical style Costa Rican bungalows that are situated right in the lush tropical forest. Each bungalow has its own theme expressed in the unique decoration, style and artistic details. Each has a hot shower, a fan, and large screened windows.

Tropical Paradise

While staying in one of the bungalows, you will experience ecotourism where you come in close contact with nature, fall asleep to the delightful sounds of the jungle or relax in the hammock on your front porch. You will satisfy all your senses when you hear the amazing sounds of toucans, monkeys, parrots and notice sweet sloths, frogs, beautiful heliconia, hibiscus and ginger flowers and much more.


The Cuisine

Caribbean food is simply delicious – perfect for vegetarians and meat-eaters. We are happy to accommodate any of your food preferences. You’ll have two nights out to experience the delectable local dishes (you CANNOT go to Puerto Viejo and not eat a mouth-watering rice and beans!) cooked with distinct spices and ingredients found in the region.

Caribbean Rice and Red Beans- Seasoned with garlic, onions and creole spice. Infused with Panamanian pepper, thyme, and coconut milk. There’s always fascinating tastes to satisfy your pallet!

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Chocolate Tour

Learn about Cacao, the Drink of the Gods!

You will have an opportunity to interact personally with the members of Costa Rica’s unique indigenous culture. You will discover the charming natural environment where they live and you will be honored to participate in the sacred chocolate making process and make this warm chocolate drink from cacao seeds yourself!

This is no ordinary chocolate tour. As you leave the town of BriBri, you feel like you are traveling back in time into the isolated villages where the indigenous people quietly live their peaceful lives. While driving along the gravel road, you slowly move away from the hustling sounds of the town and enter the tranquil village where children run barefoot and curiously stare at passers-by.

The Jaguar Rescue Center

Experience Human-Animal Connection

The human-animal connection has existed since the beginning of time mainly as a way for humans to give and receive unconditional love.

Each animal has a name. Each animal has a story.

During this tour, you will experience a remarkable personal connection with some of the rescued local animals. You will be guided by an extensively trained professional who has been working with the animals and has developed a close bond with them. You will learn amazing facts about the animal world and quickly realize that somehow we are a part of the same eco-system.

A Delightful Rainforest Walk

The Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge
Imagine yourself stepping inside an overgrown cacao forest and walking on sand trails along the Caribbean coast! You will smell the soft marine air, hear gentle ocean waves, walk on the fine sandy beaches and admire coral reefs near the surface of the sea. Oh, how deliciously relaxing! At the beginning of this beautiful walk, you get to Manzanillo Point where you can admire breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea and the surrounding area.

You will delight in the surging ocean and the splashing water that reaches the top of the cliff. What a picturesque setting! What a wonderful moment to feel fully present! White sand beaches and aquamarine waters stretch for miles along the coast. The beautiful beaches, gently swinging palm trees, the rocks and the reefs make it an unforgettable and uplifting experience. Harmony, peace calm absorb your whole body and mind.


What’s Included

Four nights single or shared occupancy at the delightful cabins single occupancy (1 bed in each room) and double occupancy (2 beds in each room) Transportation in air-conditioned vehicles. 

Four breakfasts, brimming with local fruits and plus unlimited coffee, tea, and water. Four nourishing lunches and two dinners. We can cater to your dietary restrictions. Trust us, you won’t go hungry!

Three exciting tours of Puerto Viejo’s most famous attractions, including transportation and entrance fees, free internet in each room and common areas Free parking at the lodge Detailed daily itinerary including suggested places to visit and interesting facts. Priceless conversations, life-changing insights and connecting with lush nature. Transport to the hotel and back to the airport (at the designated times only).

What’s NOT Included

Your round-trip flights. Dinners not listed (but don’t worry, Puerto Viejo has amazing restaurant choices!) Alcoholic beverages, laundry, incidentals, additional spa services, personal phone calls or other activities not already mentioned. Souvenirs, personal phone calls, taxis, tips for room service (recommended $2-$5/day).

Local activities: surfing, horseback riding, whale watching, and other optional excursions. Tips for drivers and nature guides. Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance (which we strongly recommend!)


In order to take advantage of the included ground transportation, you must arrive at the Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO) by 8 am on the morning of the retreat.

If you are not arriving in time to be on those transports we can help you arrange your own taxi to the hotel (at your cost). There are several other options available: travel from Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose, Costa Rica. Peace Garden Bungalows are located approximately 4½ hours by car, shuttle or bus.

Ground Transportation

Transportation from the airport to Tierra de Sueños Lodge is included and available. The driver will pick you up from the airport and will drive you to the lodge in an air-conditioned van. At the end of the retreat, the driver will drive you back to the airport.

If you prefer to arrive/leave on your own, we are delighted to help you arrange your transportation from the Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose to the Tierra de Sueños Lodge (at your cost).


Marlena Smith

Marlena loves teaching mindfulness and inspiring others how to live with passion and joy. Her passion is to share with others the ways of living a life with meaning and purpose.

Many people have been inspired by her enthusiasm to feel peaceful and to find happiness in a remarkably simple way. It all started when, after tragically losing her beloved son Phillip, she started practicing mindfulness led by Thich Nhat Hanh (author of over 100 books) in France.

After a short period of practicing mindfulness, she began regaining her strength and supporting others in their journeys.

While living and studying Peace Education in beautiful Costa Rica at the UN-mandated University for Peace the idea of offering mindfulness retreats was born.

Marlena now turns her amazing teaching ability to inspiring others to re-discover their inner strength at the beautiful Peace Garden Retreat in Costa Rica. This is an amazing opportunity to find a new path to life’s fulfillment and inner joy!

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