These are not easy times. Many of us have lost our freedoms as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. We don’t leave our houses like we used to do and we might struggle socially and emotionally due to the social distancing regulations. This might make us feel unsafe, disempowered and stressed. Our immune system might be weaker and our ability to stay in control of our lives might be limited . That’s why it is so important to find that power within to keep going, no matter what is happening.  Empowerment is this pleasant state of being in which we celebrate our own wisdom. When we cultivate our inner strength we are able to withstand any storm until it passes. That way we feel in control of our lives. We take care of our emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health. When the fear is gone we feel empowered and we do what we know is right. We are in charge of our lives. That’s the KEY.  In my own empowerment:

  • I chose to perceive the COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity to find creative ways to survive and grow
  • I chose to adapt and to create
  • I know that I am empowered and I focus on it everyday.

You may want to create your powerful affirmation and repeat it everyday. Happy empowerment! Joyfully, Marlena